Photo by Em Grey Photography

Photo by Em Grey Photography


So nice to meet you! I'm Rebecca, creative director and owner of Rose's Arsenal based in Denver, Colorado.

No project is too big or too small to discuss, and while I'm based in Colorado, I work with creative and talented clients all across the country. My true passion lies in helping clients tell their story with a well-designed and thoughtfully executed brand. 

I get to work with the coolest entrepreneurs.  They have great taste and style, they make me laugh, they love learning new things, they’re super driven, and they’re grounded with what’s really important in life.  They’ve got a clear vision for a new business that’s soon to launch, or they’ve been in business for a few years and are looking to up level their branding.  My clients tell me that I have a way of pulling things out of them that they’ve never been able to articulate in the past about why they started their business and what their deepest desires are for the impact that they want to make.  

It’s my joy to help you achieve your business goals through design, by creating visual elements that communicate your vision and bring your whole brand together. 


Rose's Arsenal was named after my grandmother Rose. Rose Schley Hess was an artist and encouraged my creativity from a very young age. She was the definition of style and always a gracious hostess.

When I would visit her as a child, she would pull out her paint sets and teach my sisters and I about her latest watercolor techniques. She always had an arsenal of inspiration for her artwork that she would share with us, and we would spend hours looking through the things she collected, such as old cards people sent her or magazine clippings. This is the same process I design with today.

Rose truly set the groundwork for my love of design and I hope that I continually honor and reflect her creativity and timeless style in my business.


I am a Denver based designer who loves a good old fashioned and any and all types of gummy candy. Originally from the east coast but don't make me choose between the mountains and beach as I love both equally. Lost track of how many times I've watched all of Gilmore Girls and my guilty pleasure is eating popcorn for dinner. Counting down until my next adventure whether it be down the road or across the globe. 

Most days you will find me working in my pajamas with my rescue dog by my side and a cold cup of coffee on my desk. I love digging deep with my clients and it is even sweeter when my clients become my friends. 

As the leader of Denver's Rising Tide Society Chapter I am also passionate about my local entrepreneur community. I've loved walking beside my fellow small business owners, supporting each other and living out the mantra of community over competition.  

Photo by Brianna Venzke

Photo by Brianna Venzke