February sure was a short but wonderful month.  Looking back I relaunched my business, spent my first full month in Colorado without leaving, wrapped up a few fun projects I hope to share soon and had the chance to explore my new home of Denver more.

Looking forward to March I have a lot more I'd like to accomplish and have decided to start sharing my monthly recap and goals on this blog.  Life is busy and I won't always achieve everything I set out to do but hopefully talking about my successes and failures can be a source of accountability for me and encouragement for you as well.

March Goals

1. Read Yes Please by Amy Poehler: For my monthly dose of girl power inspiration.
2. Blog Twice A Week: I've been pretty quiet on here as I've been so busy with work but I want to make more time to share my inspiration and what I'm working on. To be completely honest I get paralyzed sometimes wanting to come up with the most perfect post. This is ridiculous and I need to stop being a roadblock to myself and just get after it!
3. Make time to learn a new skill on Skillshare: I won a year subscription to Skillshare at an AIGA event and I really need to invest time in myself.  I'd like to set aside time a few mornings a week to go through a video series.
4. Decorate my office: I told myself after my relaunch I could spend some time designing my work space.  I'd like to hit my monthly income goal for 6 consecutive months before making any big furniture purchases but I can still make my design plan.  A few coats of paint and a couple desk accessories could go a long way in the mean time as well.
5. Take 2 weekends off: It has been pretty busy around the studio and owning your own business is not for the faint of heart.  Working through the weekend is just part of the gig but I'd still like to find a better work/life balance.  

What are your goals?  Is there anything you've been putting off and need to start making time for?  Join me in getting after it.  Let's do this, March!