Happy April! I'd really like to know where March went as it flew by before my very eyes!  It has been a very busy month full of great work and exciting activities.  Looking back on this past month:

I shared: My rebrand package to clients and my 7 tips for working from home

I read: The Goldfinch, Yes Please, and Big Little Lies

I learned: I took a great calligraphy class from Twinkle & Toast when she was visiting Denver and I'm currently working my way through B-School with Marie Forleo and Happy Hour Coterie with Hilary Rushford. My head is swimming with all the knowledge I've taken in this past month.

I visited: My husband and I took a trip to Telluride which was amazing and one of the weekends I totally unplugged from my work.

Now it is time to look ahead and decide on what I'd like to prioritize for this coming month.

April Goals

1. Read Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton: I've been trying to hone in on what my strengths are to gain better clarity in my business and I think this book will be super helpful for my monthly business read.

2. Finish B-School: I've been absolutely loving the B-School program and if you are not familiar with Marie Forleo you should check out her free weekly video series for how to create and business and life you love.  Last month my goal was to learn a new skill on Skill Share but then I signed up for B-School and I think its fair that has taken its place.  My priority is just to stay on track and implement everything I learn.

3. Blog Once A Week: So it turns out blogging twice a week was a little ambitious for me and thats ok.  I'm not always going to achieve everything I set out to do and I'm learning what my limits are.  It seems once a week is much more manageable for me right now and I want to prioritize quality over quantity.

4. Spend Quality Time with My Family: I'm headed to California later this month for a girls weekend with my mom and sisters and it is my goal to leave my laptop at home.  This is such a scary thought being a small business owner but I've been trying to prepare all my clients ahead of time to avoid any fires.  I usually always bring my laptop with me just in case but it would feel so freeing and I could really focus on enjoying time with my family if I can leave it at home.  Fingers crossed! 

What did you accomplish this past month and what are you hoping to prioritize in April?  I'd love to hear how you are hustling and what goals you are setting for yourself!